3 Tips for Best Summer Barbecue

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Using our outdoor barbecue and picnic gazebo will instantly make your outing better, but there is even more that you can do to ensure a perfect event just outside of your Flagstaff apartment. Here are three of our top tips for getting the most out of the experience:

Set up the Grill with a Hot Side and a Cooler Side

By setting up the grill with two different temperature zones, you'll be able to cook a wider variety of foods. Things that take a long time to get done, such as potatoes and corn on the cob, should go on the cooler side. Wrap these items in foil so the heat is held in and the insides bake.

The hot side is good for grilling fast-cooking foods like hamburgers, hot dogs and thinner steaks. It's also good for searing items that will then be moved to the cooler side to finish off.

Add New Spice to Old Favorites

One easy way to do this is to make your own spice rubs. Simply blend your favorite spices evenly in a small bowl. Put the mix into its own bottle to keep it fresh and simply sprinkle some onto the food. Another good twist is to mix barbecue sauce in with hamburger meat instead of just pouring it on top.

Use an Instant-Read Thermometer

These thermometers may not truly be instant, but they do produce an accurate reading within seconds. They have thin probes to stick into the meat, so you can tell the temperature without mauling the food. They're essential for avoiding food with either raw or burned insides. Your guests will also appreciate being able to get meat cooked the way they like it best.

With these tips, you're sure to have a great barbecue when you come out and use our gazebo. To learn more about our amenities, just stop by the leasing office.

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