3 Flagstaff Hikes to Do in the Spring

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Hiking Shoes on TreeHiking is not only great exercise, it's also an excellent way for you to really discover what makes the place you live in so unique. When there are strip malls on every corner, sometimes it's necessary to venture off the beaten path. If you live in Flagstaff apartments, check out these 3 hikes to put some spring in your step! 

Elden Springs Trail 

Mount Elden has some fabulous red rocks, and a lot of interesting scenery to see. It's a great spot if you're looking for some variety. This trail goes around the basin of the mountain, and offers plenty of shade for those looking to escape the sunburns and squinting. This trail is well marked too, so you're not likely to get lost along the way. 

O'Leary Trail

This trail is a bit tougher in terms of elevation gain, but worth the effort. Running alongside a lava field, you'll get a stunning view of Sunset Crater's amazing colors at the top of the 7-mile hike. You may also get to see the wildflowers in bloom depending on what month you go. This hike takes about 4.5 hours or so.

Humphrey's Peak 

The only thing you need to know about this hike (and hopefully you already know) is that it's the tallest place in all of Arizona. All that stands between you and the top is more than 8.5 miles, 3,000 feet of elevation gain and up to 10 hours of hiking. There, now that doesn't sound so hard! If you haven't tried this hike yet, though, it's an excellent way to challenge yourself in a season that's all about renewal. 

Hiking is just one way to appreciate spring in all its glory. If you're looking to upgrade your apartment, give Country Club Vista a chance for the best in location and amenities. Call us today to find out more about our Flagstaff apartments, friendly staff, and incredible community!

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