3 Ways to Increase Your Water Intake

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Cup of WaterArizona is one of the most beautiful and open places to live. However, you must remember to drink water while you are here! You will likely spend more time in the great outdoors, and the hot weather will dry you out more quickly than normal. Here are a few ways that you can quickly and easily increase your water intake.

Forget the Soda and the Sports Drinks

One of the best ways to increase the amount of water your body keeps is to remove the sugar and fake ingredients from your diet. Bad food creates more work for your digestive system, which uses more of the water in your body. Get rid of the soda, sugary sports drinks, TV dinners and fast food. The result: Water that you drink will stay in your system and be used more efficiently.

Make a Habit of Drinking Water Before Every Meal

Even if you are just snacking, make it a habit of taking in water with every meal. You do not need very much at all—just a half glass of water will help you with your digestion and keep you hydrated for the activities that you have planned for the day.

Ice Cubes

The more creative that you get with ice cubes, the more water that you will intake! Ice goes with pretty much everything, and you can always find a way to add it into a recipe without affecting the taste. Add ice cubes to smoothies for a bit of extra water and easier digestion as well as a feeling of satiation for a better overall diet.

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