4 Podcasts to Listen to This Summer

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Summer is a time for exploration, like getting to those books you wanted to read or to the latest summer blockbuster. But there are more than just books and movies out there. Podcasts are another option for enjoying subjects you love and expanding your horizons.

4 Podcasts to Add to Your Summer List

Reading Glasses

Speaking of reading, the podcast Reading Glasses is designed for people who love to read–but that want to do it better. There are two hosts who dive deep into ways that you can improve your reading experience. You can learn how to locate books that you will enjoy, how to start reading more and other topics that cater to the book lover in you.

Part Time Genius

Part Time Genius is a podcast that discusses questions that you may have had–and many that you might never have thought of. Fortunately, the questions are all interesting. The podcast has covered topics like, “Why Have Rats Outsmarted Us For So Long?” and “How Clean Should We Be?”

Song Exploder

There are plenty of podcasts talking about music, but few of them do what Song Exploder does. In each podcast, the host interviews a musician to talk about the construction of a song. The musician may explain how the song was made, why it was made or other topics related to the song.

Beautiful Stories From Anonymous People

In this podcast, the premise is simple. The host will call an anonymous person and stay on the line for an hour. The host cannot hang up, only the anonymous person can. The stories the result are often fascinating, and just go to show how interesting people can be.

Here to Make Your Summer Great

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