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Tasty pie can punctuate a perfect evening. It can follow up a delicious meal or be the final stop of a night out on the town. The right pie can even be a great way to start the day, as most pies pair well will coffee. Fortunately, we’ve found the very best pie Flagstaff has to offer and compiled them all in one convenient place for your consumption. Don't forget the ice cream!

The Absolute Best Places for Pie in Flagstaff

Residents of apartments in Flagstaff, AZ are privy to some of the best pie in the state (and possibly the entire country). Below are the three best places for finding the tastiest pie:

  1. Sugar Mamas. This specialized, custom-order bakery has earned a reputation for baking up tasty treats for Flagstaff locals. Customers of Sugar Mamas have ordered wedding cakes, birthday cakes and, of course, tasty pies to satisfy their cravings. While you can stop in and purchase a premade pie, you will benefit from calling ahead and having a pie made just for you!
    Miz Zip’s Café. Pie is one of the pillars of the Miz Zip's menu. They're known for serving up slices of cherry and apple pies with chilly heaps of ice cream, sure to please any palate! (The burgers aren't bad, either.)
  2. Coco’s Bakery Restaurant. Coco’s is a franchise in a well-known chain, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have tasty pies! Much like Miz Zip's Café, they serve more than pies. Enjoy a full American meal followed up by your pie of choice. We especially enjoyed the coconut cream pie!

Now you’re ready to explore the absolute best pies in Flagstaff, AZ. Which one of the above suggestions is your favorite place?

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