How to Keep Your Apartment Clean in 3 Minutes

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Chores and cleaning are never-ending tasks. The moment you think you’re done clearing the mess, you’re swimming in a disaster within a short time. Great advice you’ve probably heard is that you should tidy a little each day to keep the clutter under control.

Practice the "Surface Sweep" Method

It doesn't matter how clean and well-organized your room appears; it'll become chaotic when cluttered with the stuff you use every day. Worse still, if you allow your room to look untidy, the more mess you’re likely to add. The result? Piles of clutter that end compounding leading to an endless cycle that’ll make you give up and develop a don’t-care attitude.

Does that describe you? We have found a fantastic way of breaking the cycle doing a simple 3-minutes daily cleaning exercise. Here’s how it goes;

How to Do a Surface Sweep

Check out the room that needs fast attention now. Set the timer for 3 minutes and start working. Clear all the dust and other unwanted materials on the tabletops, countertops or shelves.

Make sure that you place everything where it ought to be. For instance, put the mugs in the sink, junk mail in the trash and magazines on the racks. De-clutter as fast as possible and stop as soon as the timer goes.

Please note that a surface sweep doesn't focus on cleaning the entire room thoroughly. The aim is to set things under control fast and then proceed with your other daily activities. If done regularly, it's highly effective at managing the creeping clutter.

If you do the 3-minute-a-day cleaning for the next couple of weeks, you’ll begin feeling better about your space. Given households are different, you might need to bump up by a minute or two to realize any significant changes. Develop this habit and make your life easier instead of letting clutter accumulate and overwhelm you.

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