How to Bring Spring Into Your Apartment Decor

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spring decor ideas

Looking to bring a little spring into your apartment this season? If so, consider these tips and tricks for decorating and styling your Flagstaff, AZ apartment.

Add Flowers, Of Course!

Nothing says spring quite like freshly bloomed flowers. Consider purchasing a few springy hued flowers at your local farmer’s market, or even buy some at the grocery store! These are always a great addition to any home.

Add Some Spring Scents Into the Mix

If you are used to having candles and home scents in your apartment, consider some specifically springy smells. Fresh flowers, herbs, and other spring smells are always available at home goods stores.

Try Plants

If you don’t like the thought of flowers dying on you, there are numerous different types of plants to choose from, too! You might also consider herbs so that you can use them in your kitchen as well.

Put Some New Pictures on Your Walls—or Art!

Springtime is the time for change, so why not change the things that you have on your walls? If you have pictures of your family on your walls or things you don’t want to alter, consider simply changing out the frames for new ones. You be surprised at how much this makes a difference in the look and feel if your home during spring.

Get Rid of Clutter

Finally, this isn’t a design element as much as it is an organizational tip. Consider getting rid of all of those cluttered items that you never use in your home. Donate them or give them to a friend so they’re still being used.

Spring Forward This Season by Renting a New Apartment!

Looking to explore the Flagstaff apartments currently available? Find a new place to call home and decorate in the exact style you prefer. Country Club Vista has numerous floor plans available, and our complex comes with a myriad of desirable amenities as well.

To see which floor plans we currently have available, contact us today!

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