How to Organize a Kitchen Pantry

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A well-organized kitchen pantry makes it a joy to cook homemade, nutritious meals every day. In Flagstaff apartments, a kitchen pantry is an included amenity. To make it even better, use these five kitchen pantry organization ideas.

How to Organize a Kitchen Pantry

1. Invest in a Label Maker

Keep a label maker in your kitchen for a more organized pantry. Whenever you store things in empty jars and bottles, make a label that will enable you to quickly identify the ingredients. Yes, you could handwrite labels, but the label maker ensures the writing is always easy to read.

2. Organize According to Size

Taller items should always be stored at the back of your kitchen pantry. Shorter items can go in front. This allows you to have several rows of items while still be able to see everything you have in your pantry.

3. Keep Canned Goods Together

Canned goods store very well on top of each other. For this reason, keep all your canned items together on one shelf. However, you should organize the canned goods according to use and ingredients. For instance, condensed milk should be with the canned pureed pumpkin, not with the canned soup.

4. Hang an Erasable Board

Hang a chalkboard or whiteboard next to your kitchen pantry to keep track of items you’re running low on. This way you’ll never be out of an essential ingredient for a recipe you want to make. 

5. Store Less-Used Items 

Less-used items like turkey roasting pans or stock pots either up high or down low. This will keep all the eye-level shelves available for the items you use most often. 

6. Install a Push Button Light

Inexpensive push button lights at each shelf will help you to see items inside your kitchen pantry. These lights can easily adhere to pantry walls or below the shelf above. 

These five kitchen pantry storage ideas will help make your Flagstaff, AZ apartments even more of a joy to cook in. To see the kitchen pantries in person, please contact us today.

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