Tips for Hosting a Game Night

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Hosting a game night is a great way to connect with friends or meet your neighbors! Hosting a great game night is simple, but requires a little planning ahead of time. These are some of the things you need to have on hand for your next game night.

Tips for Hosting a Game Night

Fun-Friendly Foods

Finger foods are the perfect choice for a game night event. They allow people to graze as the night progresses and as their hunger requires. You can set up a buffet-style area in your kitchen to allow guests to serve themselves. You might even consider ordering a couple of pizzas (depending on the number of guests you’re hosting) to feed your horde of hungry gamers and supplement your selection of finger foods.

Clean and Clear Surface for Game Boards and Pieces

One of the biggest complaints about game night fun is having to wait to set things up until a space has been cleared for gaming. Make sure your playing surface is ready to go when your guests arrive. If you know which game you’re planning to play, go ahead and have the board set up and pieces in place to save time and get the fun started.

Sufficient Seating for All Your Guests

Try to get a head count ahead of time for the total number of people attending and any “plus ones” they may be bringing along. This not only helps you determine how much food to prepare but also how much seating you’ll need to accommodate all your guests.

Make Rules Known

If your gathering is coming together for a specific game, consider printing little reminders about the rules or “procedures” of the game to help the players understand the rules and explain the game play mechanics.

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