3 Winter Wellness Tips to Help You Stay Healthy

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Wintertime goes hand in hand with flu season, but it doesn't mean you have to get sick. You can take steps to keep yourself healthy and help stop the spread of germs!

1. Wash your hands

Wash your hands more than normal in the winter, especially before cooking, after using the restroom, and after interacting with small children. Buy some small portable hand sanitizers to keep in a bag, and carry it with you. 

It's especially important to have hand sanitizer on hand when going to a public event like a concert. Outdoor events often have portable toilets and poor sanitization, so put hand sanitizer on your checklist before heading out.

2. Get enough sleep

Most adults need between seven and nine hours of sleep, but many do not get that much. Lack of sleep is associated with a weakened immune system, which isn't what you want during flu season.

If you don't get between seven and nine hours of sleep per night, try to rearrange your schedule. If scrolling or screen time keeps you awake, set limits for yourself to stop using technology late at night.

3. Try new stress relief techniques

Stress is also associated with a weakened immune system. There are many techniques to help you manage stress. 

  • Meditate for 15 minutes per day.
  • Set aside time each day to engage in a hobby.
  • Spend time with friends.
  • Keep a diary.
  • Exercise. 

If you feel anxiety regularly, you may be able to benefit from stress relief techniques. Talk to your doctor to find out which stress relief techniques will work for you. Your doctor can give you suggestions. 

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