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Party Ideas for the Holiday Season

It's definitely feeling like the holiday season here in Flagstaff, Arizona, and winter isn't far away. While the season for barbecues and picnics has passed, there are plenty of ways to bring the party indoors. Here are some ideas for celebrating the cozy holiday season with your friends and loved ones. Festive Party Deck out your apartment…

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Three Quick Evening Meals That Are Perfect After a Long, Busy Day

Even those who love to cook don't normally relish the thought of lengthy dinner preparations after a long, hard day — and fortunately, not everything that's good to eat requires hours in the kitchen. Following are just three examples of dinners that residents of apartments in Flagstaff can whip up with a minimum of time and effort. Pecorino Chicken…

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Try These Cool Summer Mocktails

Summer just requires delicious beverages. If you can make them healthy, all the better. These are some cool mocktail recipes we hope our Country Club Vista community members in Flagstaff, Arizona, will enjoy. Virgin Blackberry-Lime Margarita Let’s improve on the margarita with this splendid and healthy substitute. Gather These Ingredients 6 cups of water 3 cups of…

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