5 Fun Facts About Flagstaff Peaks

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If you love the outdoors, then one of the apartments in Flagstaff is perfect for you. With plenty of hiking trails, bike trails, and outdoor nearby peaks to enjoy, Flagstaff is the perfect place to be. We are also surrounded by the Coconino National Forest, a 1.86 million acre forest full of ponderosa pines that give you plenty of places to find solitude. You can check out some of the best peaks throughout the state of Arizona that are just a short way from the city.

Take a Hike on O'Leary Peak

This is a great hike for the day, offering 10 miles of scenic views, all while walking next to an old lava flow. You can see the Coconino Forest, and get a great panoramic view of the San Francisco Peaks. On a sunny day, you can see a bit of the Grand Canyon on this hike. The total elevation is 8,919 feet, and the peak is an extinct lava dome volcano.

Hike the Highest Peak in Arizona

This is a total hike that's a bit shorter 4.5 miles. When you get close to the top there are several peaks to explore before you reach the absolute top. This hike is considered moderate, although people of many abilities give it a try. It's 12,633 feet high, so if you have issues with elevation sickness, you may need to reconsider reaching the top. It's the highest of the San Francisco Peaks in the area.

Other fun facts about Flagstaff peaks:

  • You can view the San Francisco peaks from Wupatki National Monument, which is over 20 miles away.
  • There are six total peaks, forming a ring around the center of the now extinct volcano.
  • The Navajo consider this land some of the most sacred in the world.

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