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Try These Cool Summer Mocktails

Summer just requires delicious beverages. If you can make them healthy, all the better. These are some cool mocktail recipes we hope our Country Club Vista community members in Flagstaff, Arizona, will enjoy. Virgin Blackberry-Lime Margarita Let’s improve on the margarita with this splendid and healthy substitute. Gather These Ingredients 6 cups of water 3 cups of…

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Fall Bucket List Ideas

Residents of apartments in Flagstaff are looking forward to the fall season with a great deal of excitement, and understandably so. Autumn is an incredibly beautiful and fun time in Arizona, and to make the very most of it there are several great fall bucket list ideas below.  From Your Flagstaff Apartments to the Closest Pumpkin Patch…

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3 Tips on How to Manage Your Time In College

College students who live in Flagstaff apartments have the privacy that dorm dwellers just can't get – but that doesn't mean that developing good time management skills comes naturally. Fortunately, there are a few quick and easy tips that you can use to make the most of your time while as a college student living in apartments…

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