5 Places to Study in Flagstaff, Arizona

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If you have have homework to complete, are studying for an upcoming exam or just have work you need to accomplish but are sick of staring at the same four walls, read on! We've compiled a list of great places to study or get work done near your apartment in Flagstaff, Arizona. 

If you want peace and quiet:

1. Find a quiet picnic table or sitting bench at one of Flagstaff's neighborhood, community or regional parks. With 26 different options, you will never tire of your surroundings. 

2. Studying at the library is tried and true, and if you want peace and quiet along with plenty of workspace and climate control, then you should definitely consider the Flagstaff City/Coconino County Library. The main branch is across from City Hall and next to Wheeler Park, and is open until 9 PM several nights each week.

If you don't mind some background noise:

3. Check out any one of 15 locally owned coffee shops in Flagstaff. With free wi-fi, delicious beverages and snacks and friendly personnel, studying or working remotely won't seem like such a chore. 

4. Find a bench at Heritage Square Trust in downtown Flagstaff. When the outdoor amphitheater isn't bustling with free concerts or other activities, the benches at Heritage Square can be a peaceful place to enjoy the outdoors while hitting the books. 

If you want to stick close to home:

5. No list would be complete without mentioning the amazing business center, clubhouse or picnic gazebo available to residents of Country Club Vista apartments in Flagstaff. You may even want to study by the pool to make your study breaks extra refreshing. 

There are many places to study in Flagstaff. To learn more about all of the community's amenities, contact the office today at 866-941-5434.

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