Should You Workout in the Morning or Evening?

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Woman exercisingIt's always a good idea to work out, even if you're not doing it at the right time. Every time you move your body, you remind yourself of how important it is to use your muscles. But there are some key advantages to developing a routine that works for you. If you live in our apartments in Flagstaff, here are some things to consider when deciding the best time to work out. 

Morning Pros 

If you're working out in the morning, you're more likely to stick with the routine. This is because you don't give yourself the time to make excuses. However, if you get it out of the way immediately after you wake up and before your shower, it's a simpler activity to check off your list. It's also good for stimulating your metabolism and energy levels throughout the day. 

Nighttime Pros 

You're more flexible at night than in the morning, which means less strain on your body. If you struggle with injuries, this is definitely something to consider. You might also have more energy compared to right after you roll out of bed. More than that though, exercise provides serious relief after a tough day on the job. If you struggle with stress, it can be easier to work those aggressions out with some high-intensity exercises right after feeling all that build-up. 

Final Tips 

There are pros to each category, so you need to decide which ones really apply to you. Nighttime exercise may be better for the muscles, but it might also keep you up at night. Morning exercise might boost your energy, or it might make you hate getting out of bed. 

Country Club Vista knows that it's not always easy to get in your workout. If you're looking for a new apartment in Flagstaff that will give you the space and energy you need to get moving, give us a call today to learn more.

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